Leadership Strategists

                                          "Leveraging the Power of the Synergistic Edge  --  Your New Competitive Advantage"

Mike Shaw

Executive Strategist

Expertise:  Program and administration development, contract compliance, logistics and supply chain control, facilities and equipment management, system platform maintenance, personnel screening and selection, customer support and technical training

Education:  EdD, (ABD) Adult and Higher Education, MSU; MA in Management and Public Administration, Webster University; BA in Political Science and History, U of M

Professional Experience: Over 35 years of experience in both the private, public and government sectors. 

Teaching Experience:  Over 14 years of teaching experience in higher education and executive training

Enjoys:  "Working with organizations and people to attain their goals and to then reach beyond their initial expectations."

Martha Joh Reeder

President, Executive Strategist

Expertise:  Leadership, Professional Development, Strategic Management, Marketing and Holistic Decision Making

Education:  MBA - Lamar University; BS in Finance - VPI & SU

Professional Experience - Over 30 years business experience in the for profit and not for profit arena

Teaching Experience - Over 15 years as an adjunct teaching professor 

Global Experience - Advisor in economic development and product integration in developing and expanding countries

Enjoys:  "Developing your most important assets, your leadership, your management, your employees."